Oscilla obession

Have you ever had to deal with a color dilemma? That feeling one tries to overcome after falling in love with all the possible versions of a garment or accessory preventing us from making an immediate choice? In all likelyhood, if you are a shopping victim, you have found yourself in this situation more than once, and if my intuition is right, this is going to happen again shortly…

I am in fact about to put you to the test with a unique collection, refined and elegant at the same time, made by OSCI, an Italian brand specializing in luxury leather items. The manufacturing of the products, whose creative lines consistently retain a unique vintage touch, strongly relies on the mastery of the best Italian leather artisans.

The recently mentioned ‘dilemma’ will be triggered more specifically by Oscilla: a finely crafted made-in-Italy bag whose refined detailings and lines turn it into a real must-have.

Making a choice has never been harder! Why? Because Oscilla comes in many versions, single or two-color, which undoubtedly foster our desire to add the complete line to our wardrobe, so that each time we can wear a different bag depending on the occasion. However, as having them all is almost impossible, we could make a personality-based choice or follow our mood by simply impulsively buying what we feel like in that specific moment. Zero risks are involved, as once the bag is in our hands, we will feel happy whichever the color we opted for. After all, they call it shopping therapy!

Oscilla collection is truly versatile. Among the two-color bags, the red/violet version would be perfect on women who love being the center of attention, whereas the limb/artic blue one is ideal for more reserved women who do not compromise on color. Black is timeless and austere, hence made for the minimalist business woman who can wear it as her favorite office-to-restaurant or day-to-night bag.

Besides one’s personal taste and disposition, let’s consider which other factors may influence our choice when it comes to buying a bag. Given that aesthetic and quality factors are in my opinion the major contributors to a purchase decision, other equally important aspects are size, accessories, carrying capacity, comfort. In this regard I have collected some useful information I believe will make your purchase easier. Yes, because I am sure you will buy your own Oscilla bag eventually!

  • Size: L 23 H 19 W 14 cm
  • Handles: double for hand carry
  • Strap: removable, for shoulder or cross-body carry
  • Material: hammered leather
  • Closure: Two way, zippered
  • Pockets: 1 outer pocket and 1 inside zipped pocket

Moreover, Oscilla line features OSCI signature trait on the outer pocket: the magnetic metal closure with the logo plate.

But that’s not all! Now I’d like to ask you a question: do you remember how you felt when, as a child, your mother showed you her brand new leather bag and you could have spent hours smelling it? Dear Ladies, meet OSCILLA!


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